Everyday was perfect
You could see the clear blue sky
It didn't have to break through
All the haze we made
While driving through the maze

And every beach was so serene
With water clean enough to drink
It made you think that life is great
And that it's not too late
To save the air we breathe

This road we lead
Will leave us longing for the green
Of yesterday
Oh yes, today
I miss a day so far away
Chorus Where have you gone John Muir?
Mother Nature cries her weary eyes to you
She needs you now more than ever
Only you can show us what to do

We've dried the lakes
We've fished the streams
We've cut the forests
Those before us would abhor us
For the damage that we've done

While having fun
At the expense of losing sense
For what is right and what is wrong
We can't go on, or just go along
This is my song calling to you

Where have you gone John Denver?
I still can hear your voice echo through
It's not too long we still remember
Your words of harmony rang true
Bridge I sit and watch the clock go tock
It's running out
I wonder how far we will go
Before we know we've gone too far
To turn around

Where have you gone my fellow man?
Heaven holds a place for those who say
I'm going to stand up and save this land
Before it all goes away
Before it's all gone away

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