Canción 'As A Child' del disco '99.9 F°' interpretada por Suzanne Vega

As A Child Letra y Canción

Suzanne Vega

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AS A CHILD es una canción de Suzanne Vega del año 1992, este tema está incluido dentro del disco 99.9 F°.


'As A Child'

As a child
You have a doll
You see this doll
Sitting in her chair

You watch her face
Her knees apart
Her eyes of glass
In a secretive stare

She seems to
She seems to
She seems to
Have a life

Pick up a stick
Dig up a crack
Dirt in the street
Becomes a town

All of the people
Depend on you
Not to hurt them
Or bang the stick comes down

And they seem to
They seem to
They seem to
Have a life

As a child
You see yourself
And wonder why
You can't seem to move

Hand on the doorknob
Feel like a thing
One foot on the sidewalk
Too much to prove

And you learn to
You learn to
You learn to
Have a life