Tears Dry On Their Own de Amy Winehouse

Tears Dry On Their Own Letra

Amy Winehouse

'Tears Dry On Their Own' se estrenó el . Esta canción está incluida dentro del disco Back to Black.


'Tears Dry On Their Own'

All I can ever be to you,
Is a darkness that we knew,
And this regret I've got accustomed to,
Once it was so right,
When we were at our high,
Waiting for you in the hotel at night,
I knew I hadn't met my match,
But every moment we could snatch,
I don't know why I got so attached,
It's my responsibility,
And you don't owe nothing to me,
But to walk away I have no capacity

He walks away,
The sun goes down,
He takes the day but I'm grown,
And in your way, in this blue shade,
My tears dry on their own,

I don't understand,
Why do I stress A man,
When there's so many bigger things at hand,
We could a never had it all,
We had to hit a wall,
So this is inevitable withdrawal,
Even if I stop wanting you,
A Perspective pushes true,
I'll be some next man's other woman soon,

I shouldn't play myself again,
I should just be my own best friend,
Not f*** myself in the head with stupid men,


So we are history,
Your shadow covers me
The sky above ablaze,


I wish I could say no regrets,
And no emotional debts,
Cause as we kiss goodbye the sun sets
So we are history,
The shadow covers me,
The sky above ablaze that lonley lovers see,


He walks away,
The sun goes down,
He takes the day but I'm grown,
And in your way,
In this deep shade
My tears dry

Sobre Tears Dry On Their Own

  • Este tema es la séptima canción del álbum "Back to Black" de Amy.

  • Esta canción describe cómo la ha hecho sentir una relación empañada y cómo llora a menudo.

  • Este tema tiene muestras de "Ain't no mountain high enough" de Marvin Gaye y Tammi Terrell.

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