Angel en inglés - Letra


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I do not want to see things like you
No and never want to see
Your return to be daddy's boy
Then I will be your angel

I never saw it
I always saw you wrong
And I like crazy

I looked for many hours
I waited many hours
To have the same thing
I lost many hours
Gave few things
To listen to the same

I do not want to be, where you are
Do not you ever want to talk about
Your return to be a shadow in the city
And it'll still be your angel

Always made you laugh
You made me mourn
And I do not like fools

I looked for many hours ...

I waited and I waited deep in the evenings
And I thought and waited to see things as I thought
And he fell asleep
So it's all over

I looked for many hours ...
How many hours
Few things ...

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