Puff Daddy

Letra de la canción

its bad boy bitch
it feels good to be back
i missed ya
relax your mind, let you concience be free
you´re now rollin with the sounds of the b.b.e
(now do it do it do it do it)
you know what time it is
report to the dance floor.

see you out the corner of my eye
leanin on the wall looking fly
i want you to come be with me
you´re the only one i wanna talk
to but i dont wanna rush
im here when will you make you move.

i see you
eyein me
i want ya
why don´t ya
come to me
i cant be
what you need
Ooh baby
im standin
here waitin
im yearnin
Ooh im burnin
get to know me
come and get to know me
come show me that you want to know me

you know what it its i´m back in the buildin
security strapped still stackin a million
stunt with a stallion, something italian
or maybe puerto rican you can catch me in paris
i´m in it to win it i´m willin to carry
the game if you think i´m not look at the carrots
hop up clean up outta the phantom
the people go to screamin like a opera anthem
i did it before do it again
i got it to blow got it to spin
ya fly as before cool as the wind
got hits go back like juice and gin
i shine the best diamond necklaces
my extragavant tastes, style perplexes them
they know im the shit they want to get next to him
she having a fit cause she wanna be next to him

(yeah you know my name)
(im here when will you make your move)


anywhere i appear they all stop and stare
admire your body language
speak it loud and clear like
i want you to come be with me
she been waitin, anticipatin´
for oh so long
fantasizing wild thoughts of me comin on like
im here when will you make your move
she diggin my style, my swag my sway my swerve
my way wit words my style obsurd for sure
you can´t fault her my aura called her
i make miracles like i walk on water
what you want mamma order
it´s on my tab
i´m a bad with that cash i´ll drop a whole bag
where you at girl.

(im here when will you make you move)


im here right now
can´t wait no longer
you were the one who stole my heart
i knew it from the very start
oh boy you really got me hot


im here you´re here lets make it happen.

"press play"

Letra añadida por: tHaKa

Puff Daddy
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