Canción 'The Last Dictator' del disco 'Resident Alien' interpretada por Spacehog

The Last Dictator Letra y Canción


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THE LAST DICTATOR es una canción de Spacehog del año 1995, este tema está incluido dentro del disco Resident Alien.


'The Last Dictator'

I can't take the truth
From all the lies we've laid
I never caught that perfect light
Or saw those sunset rays
So burn the new age magazines
You preachers and the past
You widowed wives of instigators
I want to be the last

I am the last dictator
You saw the sun today
I am the last dictator
You wanted me this way

I can't take the truth
And all those other games
Like Caesar and hid Christians
The lions never waned
A clever turn of phrase
Like 'Belsen was a gas'
I want to see my future first
I want be the last