Por siempre de Reik

Por siempre en inglés



Por siempre (en inglés)

You that we swear to finish
that him ours no longer goes
that we end up to cry

You that it is difficult to forget
what we speak without thinking
that it could injure

you that the day darkened
you that the time already step
and another time I make a mistake

They see that I am not able to but
that I love you but that to anybody
they come and tell me that it is not late
that you attempt it another time
alone they come you return me to kiss
that I love you like to anything
I promise you with the soul
that for I will always be

You that it is very late to speak
that we try to continue
that I have failed without thinking
You that if you look back
alone a little you found
our love is really

You that the time already pa. .....
( he/she repeats the same verse)


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