Zachary Provost

Letra de la canción

After all is said and done
and everybody else is gone
all alone i'm standing here
all around me disappears
if anyone is out there still
lend me your ears if you will
and listen to the music of my heart
Nighttime when i close my eyes
i can hear the radio
softer than a lullaby
whisper in my ear so low
and in the darkness of the night
i know that i will be alright
when i can hear the music of my heart
Hear it when the sun goes down
sets my spirit free
see it in the children's eyes
when they smile at me
And somewhere in a memory
a little boy of two or three
holds on to his father's hand
tonight he's gonna see the band
And when he hears that piano playing
that sound in his soul will always stay
something he could feel right from the start
he is the music of my heart
That boy is the music of my heart


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