Zachary Provost

Letra de la canción

This old man took me in his arms
and he looked me in the eye
he said i love you
and so i have to give you a few things before i die
Some old records, a sack full of golf clubs
and a beat up fishing pole
put 'em in my car
and he said goodbye to the pieces of his soul
Full moon follow me
shining in your honesty
time is stolen in the spin of things
but the time i have is everything
and the time i have means everything
Too many days i can spend my life
in a carnival of sound
too many voices pull me this way and that way
i can't find solid ground
But the old man's face never leaves my mind
and i know i need some quiet time
to think about the things i might give someone
when it's time for me to say goodbye
Full moon follow me…
Roll like a river
rolling like a river now
roll like a river
Roll me like a river
rolling like a river now
roll like a river rolls

The freeway's crowded, trying to get home
i turn off the radio
and up above everything, almost unnoticed
the full moon
is rising slow…
Full moon follow me


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