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Beyond The Limit (Letra/Lyrics)

It's Not the Way That I Want!
It's Just the Way It Is.
Beyond the Limit, Beyond the Limit.
The Landlord Says He's Gonna Renovate the Walls.
"be Prepared For a Little Noise," But Then the Ceiling Falls!
So Ya Try to Sleep With the Pillow On Your Head.
Toss, Turn, Start to Burn, Top Floor Lands in Bed.
You Watch Tv But There's Nothing On the Screen.
Spotlight On the Visual -- Nothing On the Beam.
Call the Handy Man to Come Fix Your Machine,
He Tells Ya Now Your Kitchen Works But All Your Toast Is Green!
That's the Way It Is.
That's the Way It Really, Really Is.
Beyond the Limit, Beyond the Limit.
Out There!
That Takes Me Away!

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BEYOND THE LIMIT es una canción de Blondie. Agradecemos a MARAA14♪♫ por haber sudido la letra de Beyond The Limit.