Keith Hancock

If Bonnie Parker had not met Clyde, what would the story be then
If Doctor Jekyll had never found Hyde, but stayed two different men
For a flash in time, it's a love sublime, no reason for fear
Then the plot unwinds and soon they'll find
it's going to end in tears

That devil lurks inside us all, he'll make your mind a blur
Give him half a chance and he'll make you dance
The purple pas de deux

A lover takes a soothing hand on a peaceful sunny day
Then circumstance, on a course unplanned, steers them a different way
For if Ruth Ellis had another for a lover, they'd both be dancing still
One chance meeting in a moment fleeting, was enough to change their will

Two lost souls in a passion play, give their lives a stir
They'll be up and away when the music plays
The purple pas de deux

And when a chemical reaction hits two innocents at play
Then a fatal attraction is sure to win the day
When a shot in the dark turns a harmelss lark from joy to pain to strife
From a quick glad-eye to a banshee cry and you're fighting for your life

From frantic friends through romantic love to fanatical saboteur
It's a nightmare roller coaster ride, your mind is in a whirl
Up and down when you hear the sound
Take the floor with a frightening roar
Just me and you and a dance or two
The Purple Pas de Deux

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