Keith Hancock

Dear angie. i feel so alone, dear angle as lonely as my phone
i sit here every day and try and think of things to do
i must be good for something, even i must have a use
but i just cannot think of one, that's why i write to you.
dear angie i'm so blue
Even as a child, i never did fit in
they pushed me into sport, but i would never win
i really hated school, i always came in last
well angie that's my past
Dear angie i'm trying hard to grow, dear angie just
thought i'd let you know
you've been so helpful in the past, i thought i'd
write again
if i can share my thoughts with you, it might just
ease the pain
i'd like to fit in with my friends, but they are not the same
dear angie keep me sane
I'm going crazy, completely mad
i find it hard to hang on to the sense i had
i'm losing marbles, going round the bend
at least in you i know that i have found a friend
Dear angie my body is all wrong
dear angie the girls won't play along
i've always done my very best, i try so hard to please
no matter what i do, i know they'll never look at me
for girls want macho men, they never care for wimps or weeds
dear angie, help me please
Dear angie just wanted to impress, dear angie my life is in a mess
although we've never met, i know that you'd do what you can
when big guys try to bully me, i try to be a man
but mine's the face upon the beach that always gets the sand
dear angie understand
1 sweated hard for years but seemed to miss the mark
i want to know why i'm always in the dark
i did the exercises, bought the weights as well
oh angie it's a living hell
oh angie it's a living hell
i hope this letter finds you well


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