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Jay-Z Beat"
(feat. Jay-z beat)

Magno ya heard, the Rookie of the Year
Coming soon baby, Collection Plate
This how we do it. check it

Jay-Z's the blueprint, Magno's the new print
They call me that, cause each flow I bring some new shit
It's been that way, since my first time in
The Takeover was my first rhyme in, ok you heard sign in
Here's the list, who wanna hate on me next
Who else is mad, don't see a eighth of my check
Who else is mad that we all be in Denver, summer to winter
For more do' they doing promos, on Arlene Bender
Understand, I'm a pimp with the chronic
Keep a 40 on me, like Shawn Kemp with the Sonics
Hostile to cake, flows like a fossil to trace
Making fake bad boys, turn gospel like Mase
Sit on leather buck, Magno's a clever f***
Go ahead play goose, when I bust you better duck
You will never, sit above my throne
So lay low or get that halo, above your dome
Niggas pulling flock-like scandals
I spit real, y'all fiction like the Sci-Fi channel
My rhymes reflect who I am, like a rearview mirror
I'm that driver, trying to steer you clearer
I represent the school, dogs sniffing the lockers
Young niggas, packing clips in they boxers
Bitch niggas, wanna snitch on they partnas
We greet with a dap, and a niggs with the slabs
Run dick in them boppers, uh
Where the cops, slaughter and doom lives
And leave a bunch of niggas wet, like water balloon fights
But I ain't tripping, it's the hood I call home
Signing off, Magno gripping wood on all chrome

Zero tolerance, no man's the God
Putting it down for the Collection Plate
For Magno, y'all know him as Magnificent
Yeah, uh

[Young Slugga]
The young nigga, with the magnificent flow
Ask Magnificent, he like damn you be so magnificent
Got Mike Jones saying who, that nigga in the booth
Spitting so cold, call him the truth
Beat you niggas harder, than 5000 Watts
Got you turning up your radio, five thousand knots
I'm harder than five thousand rocks, if five thousand pop
And I'm hotter, on five thousand blocks
Laughing at you fools, like it's A to the first
Turn my back on you niggas, like Cash Money did Turk
My flow is too sick to be nursed, you can call me the Blueprint
Cause I got the Gift and the Curse
Keep my cash rolling, rolling like Fred Durst
You can never pay this young nigga, to write a whack verse
Zero tolerance, I ain't got no patience for nan chick
Half you dudes, think it's fire that y'all spit
You only spitting sparks, I got so much heat
Have you niggas glowing in the dark
Don't try to test me, it's gon get ugly ask Bubba Sparxx
I keep my guns and my chicks in 2's, like Noah's Ark
I abide you niggas, to step up your game
And more ice than your chain
Now I'm in the game, it's shifting to change
Can you imagine me without the flames, it's like wood without grain
A piece without chain, Jigga without Dame
Coke without cocaine, my lyrics are too cold to be tamed
Messing with a young nigga, more metaphors than Biggy
More realer than Pac, get in your ass like Eminem
Jigga Jay-Z and Big L on top, with a Southern twist of Bun B
Y'all niggas can't f*** with me, on this M-I-C

You god damn right, yeah
I'm not cocky, I'm just confident
Different change up
Mike Jones, who, be on the look out
For 1st Round Draft Picks coming first
And my album, Who Is Mike Jones
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