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I've given up my nightlight 'cause I'm not scared of the dark.
I've tasted buttermilk. Sat through Jurassic Park.
I've taken off my training wheels, used adult shampoo.
Sometimes there's no limit to the scary things I'll do.
I don't hide in the closet when I hear a thunder clap.
I've dunk my head in water, I've sat on Santa's lap.
I never bat an eye when I get my measles shot.
So when things get real scary, it's a good thing I've got...

Bravery...I'm loaded with bravery
When I'm in a pinch, I don't even flinch
I'm cool and I'm calm

Bravery...I'm brimming with bravery
I'm always prepared.
And if I'm still scared, I get my Mom.

First day at kindergarten, others might have wept.
I sat and played with Legos, At nap time, I just slept.
I climb the tallest jungle guys, slide the biggest slides.
When I go to Disney World, I ride the biggest rides.
Last Friday at assembly, in front of the whole school,
I played a singing carrot and didn't lose my cool.
I hopped out on that stage, and sang out clear and strong.
In sticky situations, I always bring along...

Bravery...Three cheers for Bravery.
The sight of a ghost, won't turn me to toast.
I'm better than that.

Bravery...I'm brimming with Bravery.
But if I despair, and Mom isn't there,
there's always Dad.

Wavery...When my knees get wavery,
My heart's in my mouth, my nerves heading south,
And I've got the shakes.

Quavery...When my voice gets quavery,
I suck in my gut. I'm mean and I'm lean. I swagger and strut.
A P.T. Marine.

Left right, left, right,
I left the jitters behind.

Bravery...Three cheers for Bravery
You won't see us clench when we're in the trench.
Or when things get hairy.

Bravery...Let's hear it for bravery!
We're so full of bravery, It's scary!

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Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen

Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen

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