This Timejcm

John Cougar Mellencamp

Letra de la canción

This timejohn cougar mellencampi've had a lot of girls in my lifethey never meant that much to mea good time was always had by allbut those ggod times, they were fleeting memoriesi used to lie to them and then i'd kiss thembut i kept them an arm's length awaywell hey man now you know meand look how silly i been acting todaychorus:this time i really think i'm in love, i'm in lovethis time i think i'm really in lovethis time i really think i'm in lovethis time i think i'm really in lovei used to roll down the windowand let that tape deck blowand look at the honey i was holding that nighti'd say, "hey girl you're the one"and then i'd laugh when i'd take her homeyou got your arms around my shouldersyou got my soul confused with my heartyou were too smart to believe all those tired linesand i was too dumb to know what had startedi hope you don't lose that innocent laughteri hope time doesn't take that awaychorus


John Cougar Mellencamp
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