Thug War - Wu-Syndicate

Thug War


Letra, canción


'Thug War'

featuring Napolean

[Chorus: Myalansky]

Thug war, fights in streets, open the drug store

Money is power, give me your's, we break laws

Faggot cats claiming their crooks

Soon I'ma smack him up, his mans and them too

Yo, bag him up, smack him up

Doing this do or die lifestyle for ransom

50 g's, need keys to free their grandson

Run but you can't hide, rich is what we long for

You get your wig split back, caught in this thug war


Peace to those men who do crimes ande never been arrested

Project cats with guns start to run shit

Coming from the streets, gum on long dick

Get strong-armed for baggage, it's tragic, some Vietnam shit

Flat-lining all you cats up in a long wiz

Out-of-towners, proper heavenly father, you know the song, bitch

Thug war, jet-black cats kick in your drug store

Cook off this table, the cheddar is what we came for

Aim for, lay down boy, this ain't no game war

Cause me to smack all faggots, taking your chains off

Thugs spending half of your cabbage on a Range Rov'

Change clothes, switch me description to de-stained blow

Chopping while we spread up you nosey niggaz

Kidnap and capture bums, we swindell

I'm saying, \"Fuck the rapping\", since I was a kid, I made it happen

On blocks packing, get them, jacking niggaz acting

Watch me snatch them up, $100,00 ransom, no subtracting

Front doors, tell your mans, don't panic, open the drug stores



Heavenly words spoken, promises were never broken

As they blood-suck the sun, we manifest these platinum tokens

Hail enterprise, complete down and gritty wise guys

Ghetto wiz kids, prescribe them as philosophy baptizes

Look at snake eyes, wicked as a pastor's bubble eye

Imagine this, guns clapping, lamped like precussions of action

Why the sand in the hour glass elapsing

Camel-backed apostles get smacked with rusty masks

Preaching that God spook, Napolean remains hostile

Cast were burning nostrils, ruger barrels on your tonsils

A prophecy, blood currency, state of emergency

I link with rich cats who's pockets stay dirty

Like Diamond Back, mocassins that raid ancient jungles

Stinging sensation, injected with 7 bundles

Raw element, U.S./Russian coalition

15 for half a crest, them drug lord's sniffing

Yo, back to the massacre, bloods courted in Alaska

Anatomies get fractured, Sampson was captured

By Philli-stinians, lesson's on in this millennium

80 cowards, 4 devils, hand them less Benjamins

Peace to rich men, Jews with snowflakes spinning

Rip camera sins, tropical winds blew my fellings in

We're jungle chameleons, some be 9 milli' men

Creep like centipedes, snatch stacks up from silly men

Cursed by the wicked gin, keep peepers blue-fenced

To my nested kin, I leave some Japanese yams

What? What? What?


[Joe Mafia]

Innocent on some plead the 5th shit

Criminal illegitiment lifestyle, Allah, the intrickit

Rott like rocks from rocks, in state tots

See Doc'ors starilize me, seeing poppy in a Casa Lopi

Don't need to pursue me, Soloman, the dominant

Straircases on dot, your man, Crime Syndicate

Shine like white fine on fickel-plated razors

Frequently cave us for selling dead birds in live cages

So, I'm contagious sick, touch my caliber

Cock, malice like Gallagher, crash your whole calendar

Fuck, who got stamina to last, I leave him dead-ass

with lead in his ass, caught in the rash

Sexy niggaz get sodomized, observe the wicked eyes

Villains got my world baptized

Mafioso, scenarios, the scar poser

Foggy survivalists rott cats in Congo

38 convo, blow a 3rd on my torso

When exposed, my snuff nose busts all foes

So, what the fuck you suppose happened?

For calling me out, fuck rapping

We gun clapping, the sharp shooter

It be the case with the stolen ruger

And left the prosecuter puffing on the Thai ruler

Son, my five exercised graphics, jiggy was drafted

In thug war the shit gets drastic, you bastard


[Outro: Myalansky]

Thug was, thug war...

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