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Lutunza *


Letra, canción


'Lutunza *'

* - originally appeared on wu-chronicles as "lutunza hit"

Let's get this money for real.
It's time to get paid baby.
Lutunza. all that shit.
For real. it's planned gains.
Just don't want no money. for real.
Shit is real in the feel out here.

When iron spit, cats fold, infact get their life froze
Model hit, stallion, medallion, fedel castro
Cigars lit, coke sniffs got face slashed and ?raw-dick?
Heist 20th century glock, murder with own clip
Eighty-t along things, storm rip
Spots, where the bricks, eight-box, jewellery?
Empire fall quick, project legacy involved with
Incarcerated thugs came home, so we linked, form a swarm click
Operate extortion on some calm shit, faggot catch snitched
Yo, tell him what happened, haven't been found since
Two rounds from ?autopsy?, bound ?drip?
Barely decomposed corpse, laced ?, out of town ditch
Cheddar got me hungry, open eye's lids
Two lies, cry, innocent die, attention is undivided
Lives got you cryin when homicide hit
Look them niggaz shinin, news report, no one can find him

[chorus: myalansky]
Ain't no surprise, where the funds at? lutunza hit
Panic or flich, get clapped, can't stand in your pants
Thought he used his head, but he snitched
Fat look, snatch up, duck tape him and his man and his bitch
Eight hundred thousand dollars, damn it, we're rich
Found dead, stallion horse head in your whip
Tote, heist 20th century glock, guns and clips
Run your shit, funds and bricks, lutunza hit

So, what's the chemistry, who ran in your spot, plannin your plot?
Half a brick sting, hermy heavy, hand me the glock
Hundred grand inside a shoebox, his man did drop
Some weed, who popped? you know scared money stinged with a two shot
Dirty cash shinin' next day, women get new rocks
Flashin' big heads, hermy in benzies bangin' tupac
He lay up with the wiz because it's too hot
How the f*** them pussies try myalansky bustin they ooh-wop?
?preparation verbalhands?, they want they loot butt
He must've been a mad man, only really thugs come at ya, shoot ya
Chase your bitch up off the road up in a ?soup-up?
M.i.a. chick found missin' in action, never no clue, what?
And still the beef been over too months, to gain this meal, you front
Ones that snitch, tongues get split, readin the clip, news at six
For funds and bricks, runnin your shit, gun at your click, lutunza hit


Fear type watch eyes that watch guys, wasn't smart, why?
Holdin your clip in your slot time
Specialize a whole sale of hot nines
State is ill, surely pumpin coke on ?
Locked in a frontline, cuz he was a fiend for chocolate-eyes
Bang marvin gay cd let's get it on, makin a wretch cry
Bitches that he dated wasn't dead fly
His ugly chick sibrina said he was hungry off lu-chi
Shorty's way of livin took a sen-sai, he was so surprised
Should of seen how he flinched when he got baptised
Took him to the safe and called told him ?clap ties?
One of his mans was throwin up cuz he panicked, slug in his left eye
Bleedin, heard the ambulance, the cat died
Escapin with the safe like a half of a cake, come on, yo, let's slide
Amateurs frontin and shit, matchin in death, for funds and bricks
Cousin was rich, lutunza hit


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