Disquito - Away From Home

Away From Home Letra

The Awakening

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AWAY FROM HOME es una canción de The Awakening.

Letra 'Away From Home'

You've got hedonist isolation
you've got a blood-drip naked smile
and the last beat integration
has left your options wild
but the boys all call you edgy
and the girls just call you "bitch"
when it's down to aggravation
you call it a bitter twist
that you're away from home
so far away from home
you've got airbrushed disillusion
and a body clothed in ash
and you're down on desperation
and building for the crash
but the mysteries are fading
fading day by day
you're so tired of deprivation
and finding things to say
so tired of finding things to say, 'cause
your away from home