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Before I Leap

The Awakening


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If i could only for a moment
if i could look before i leap
to test it out before diving
to test to see how deep
When i'm alone, dressed up in crayon
pulling burdens from the weak
for just to look in her direction
to bear the cause or bear deceit
Oh but the night time is where it breeds
feed on the night time, feelings bereaved
oh but the night time is what i need
Thought i'd improve my concentration
a little more breathing space
but i'm suffocated by the ventilation
that circles 'round this hollow place
Oh but the night time...
It doesn't matter where the hurt is
it's only worse when it's dark
i see her face and then the burning
tomorrows breathe into a spark
If i could learn from past disaster
that left my mind a riddled fuse
when eyes were turned to the hereafter
and life had seemed so far removed
Oh but the night time...

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