The Awakening


Fallen Letra

Everyone's awake again
just happy she's not home
they never think to ask her
of the things she won't condone
"i wish she's go and find herself
a reason to get out"
they never seem to realise
her many "little" doubts
but i hear her crying
as she hits the wall
and they keep denying
that once again she's fallen to the floor
"oh, it's like the time she tried
and ended on her face"
"i wish she'd rather been a boy
and not such... such a waste"
"everyone is looking girl
oh can't you even dance?"
"how will you ever know
if you never break that bloody trance?"
but i hear her crying...
and she says
"take a moment just to take your voice below a shout,
take a moment, hold me close
i've always been left out"
but i hear her crying...
she's on the floor
she's on the floor