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The Awakening


Beautiful Letra

You're the vision that has called me
in the night
you're completion of the wonders in
my mind
i'm not trying to sound surreal
this is only how i feel
when the rain comes in
i only need you here
'cause you are beautiful
and girl, i am obsessed
oh i can no longer fall
not for anything at all
you are the tourniquet that saved
my bleeding life
and i would die for you were it not
to be alive (with you)
i'm not usually too strong
but in you there is no wrong
when the day is cold
and heavy on my chest
you're still beautiful
and oh so heaven-sent
and i will no longer fall
your touch will keep me warm
oh like a message from a prophet
her voice has emptied my despair
oh lord, i have trouble just
the way i'm swallowed by her

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