Canción 'Escaparé (ingles)' interpretada por Casi Ángeles

Escaparé (ingles) Letra

Casi Ángeles

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ESCAPARÉ (INGLES) es una canción de Casi Ángeles.

Letra 'Escaparé (ingles)'

Every time I feel to you close but
with vos I fall in love and I keep it in my skin
I feel like a chill
I want to approach to me but vos you do not see me

I go no longer lost and that to do
that I must act
but it overcomes the timidity to me
your love does not fit to me in the body
I must animate this time to me

It will escape with you for always
you cuidate and will teach to want to you to me
and your small heart next to mine
united in the same direction

It will escape with you by the world
to the aim inseparablely together
we will be as the sea and the stars
united in a single heart

That we are very different
in your world I do not exist and I am wanted to die
but between your eyes I live
and if you kissed happy serious I to me

I go won I can lose to you
and I want it to try
although it must llorarte later
the world sabra that I want to you
I must shout it again

Refrain (x2)

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