Deicide - Fire In The Sky

You it is a garbage that not valley nothing, excrement, I do not
go to relar in you, I do not want to make dirty my hands with
excrement. Blood that germinates inside of you is mourning,
wants to tear its head, to put you in drug of hell, to burn you,
to make of you excrement who petrifies the life, goes to foder,
to motherfuc***, eyes neutral and alone, that bleeds for the
excrement of the emptiness that has covered you, I'm a pop star
threat and I'm not dead yet…

Got a super dred bet with an angel drug head
Like a deadbeat winner, I want to be a sinner
An idolized bang for the industry killer
A hideous man that you don't understand
Throw a suicide party and I'm guaranteed to fuc*** snap
It's evilsonic, it's pornoholic
Breakdowns, obscenities, it's all I want to be…

If you're 555, then I'm 666
If you're 555, I'm 666
(What's it like to be a heretic?)

I prefer Satan of that you, its excrement piece, it feels,
feels the candle that if burns in its rotten blackout, feels,
sees, its life to blow up, therefore Satan goes to catch you,
yes, feels, its hands had burnt, its excrement piece, feels,
feels, the candle to inside gush out blood of its blacks and
deep eyes... Excrement, son of bitch, excrement, son of bitch,
excrement, absorbs the blood of God and goes to it feels Satan…

Son, son, son of bitch, porra, go to foder themselves, go to
absorb its father, to eat its mother, son of bitch, embryo, son
of bitch, have mourning of looking at for its face, absorb me,
therefore of me you do not go to leave, poor fellow, go to die

Satan you go to catch you, yes, its useless one, the emptiness
of the nothing, she goes to steal its heart, and to make to bleed
as the soul of Satan, son of bitch, drains for the end of the
world, and feels the blood of God to evaporate and to launch you
for the infinite of the universe with Satan

(R) You believe God son of bitch? (R) (W) I wait that not its
excrement of caralho, therefore Satan goes to catch you... I
want to have you in the fire of the hell. In the fire... I
want to have you in the fire of the hell!


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