Katarina Šuker

Letra de la canción

Trust me
People think i'm crayzi when i wanna smile ,
people think i'm crayzi when i wanna die ,
why shouldn't i be relaxed ,
why shouldn't i be depresed ,
you just don't understand ,
aren't you ?
but when i look at you,
i see that you fell same way to ,
i'm maybe just a girl ,
but you don't wanna mess with me ,
trust me …
Chroush :
Take a look at me ,
you'll see ,
that i'm one of the kind ,
but i don't allways say what's on my mind ,
well, sometimes i would talk-back ,
sometimes i would smiled ,
and burried all inside ,
Daddy is mayor ,
he's never at home ,
mama is allways yelling on me ,
damn , i'm so alone ,
my bro hits me all the time ,
he's egizstance is such a crime ,
my grandma is preaching me ,
about the way things should be ,
my room is in mess ,
i can't wait 'till day i'll change my adress ,
you don't wanna be me ,
trust me …
Chrous 2x
I stil can't figure out ,
why do i have to be so thoug,
just to make it thro the day ,
if this is game ,
i don't wanna play ,
yeah , like i have choice ,
my head is going to burst ,
i have to deal with that first ,
you don't know me ,
trust me…


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