Katarina Šuker

Letra de la canción

New years party is coming ,
i'll be probably sitting incornerr 'till morning ,
thinkin about things i've done wrong ,
blaiming myself for not bein' strong ,
thinkin about things i might done ,
not relising that i'm missing the fun ,
looking everyone dancing smiling ,
listening some sad girl crying ,
thinkin how stupid i am ,
not relising that i allways be same ,
at least i'm not fake ,
at least i admit my mistake …
so i'm runing from this loud place ,
looking for familiar face ,
someone who could fill this empty space ,
trying to find a trace ,
how to survive today ,
i wish i could stay ,
i wish i could stay ,
in year 2002 ,
with you …
I hate too much noise ,
today i have no choice ,
hidden under make-up ,
and other fancy stuff ,
i can't scream loud enough ,
to get someone's atention,
'cause i'm not perfection ,
not in your eyes ,
suraunded with this pretty smiles ,
i can't look at you anymore making out with that chick ,
'cause i'm starting to act like some kind of freak ,
but that's normal for me …
Chrous 2x
fireworks started , i'm still sad ,
i look like i'm dead ,
everyone are wishing well ,
they don't mean it , i can tell ,
i know that i'm not onlyone one with lost stear ,
not onlyone who dosen't care ,
are you my soulmate ,
if you wanna stay in 2002 ,
i'll stay with you …
Chrous 2x


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