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Tenacious D

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I am complete!

Tenacious d:
(both) fuuuck

Yes, you are fuc***,
Shit out of luck!
Now i'm complete and my cock you will suck!
This world will be mine,
And your first in line!
You brought me the pick and now you shall both die!

Tenacious d:
(jb) waaait waaait waaait you mother-fucker
We challenge you to a rock off,
(both) give us one chance to rock your socks off

Fuck! f***!
Fuuuck, the demon code prevents me
From declining a rock off challenge!
What are your terms?
What's the caaash?

Tenacious d:
(jb) if we win,
You must take your sorry ass back to hell
And also you will have to pay our rent

And what if i win?

Tenacious d:
(jb) then you can take kage back to hell..
(kg) what!?
(jb) trust me kage it's the only way
(kg) what the f*** are you talkin about?
(jb) to be your little bitch

Let the rock off begin hahaha!
I'm the devil,
I love metal!
Check this riff,
It's fuckin' tasty!
I'm the devil i can do what i want
Whatever i've got i'm gonna flaunt!
There's never been a rock off that i've ever lost!
I cannot wait to take kage back to hell
I'm gonna fill him with my hot demon gel!
I'll make him squeal like the scarlet pimpernel!!

Tenacious d:
(jb) noooo! c'mon kage, bring the thunder
(kg) there's just no way that we can win that was a
(jb) listen to me-
(kg) he rocks to hard because he's not a mortal man
(jb) god dammit kage,
He gonna make you his sex slave,
Your gonna gargle mayonnaise
(kg) noo
(jb)Unless we bust a massive monster mamajam
(kg) dude,
We've been through so much shit
(jb) de-activated lasers with my dick
(both) now it's time to blow this fuc*** down
(jb) c'mon kage now it's time to blow doors down
(kg) i hear you jables now it's time to blow doors down
(jb) light up the stage cuz its time for a showdown
(kg) we'll bend you over then we'll take ya to brown town
(both) now we've got to blow this fuc*** down
(kg) he's gonna rape me if we do not blow doors down
(jb) c'mon kage cuz it's time to blow doors down
(kg) ooooooh and who'll piledrive ya, it's time
for the black out
(jb) hey antichrist ah, beelzeboss,
We know your weakness, ah rockin socks!
We rock the casbah, and blow your mind
We will defeat you, for all mankind
You hold the sceptor,
We hold the key
You are the devil,
We are the D
(both) we are the D (x16)

You guys are fuc*** lame! come on kage, you're
comin with me
Taste my lightning suckers!

Tenacious d:
(jb) noooo!

Ow, f***!
My fuc*** horn!
Ohh no

Tenacious d:
(jb) from whence you came you shall remain,
Until you are complete again

F*** you kage and f*** you jables
I'll get you tenacious d!!

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