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KEEP ME COMIN’ es una canción de Kiss que se estrenó el , este tema está incluido dentro del disco Creatures Of The Night.


'Keep me comin’'

I know what you’re like, you’re not sleepin’ at night
I know you’re losing control, I know your plans
Where you’re keeping your hands, I know it’s taking it’s toll
Sweet little innocent girl, making your way in this world
Something you’re feeling tonight tells you what’s wrong and what’s right
You gotta keep me comin’ (keep me comin’), keep me comin’ (keep me comin’)
You gotta keep me comin’ (keep me comin’), keep me comin’ babe (keep me comin’)

Hands on my shoulders now, you’re getting bolder, your fears are slipping away
Each little bite lets me know that you’re ripe, you’re thinking maybe you’ll stay
Now that you’re burning to know, how far you’re willing to go
Now that it’s under your skin, now that you’re lettin’ me in

Chorus repeats 2x

Ooh yeah, comin’, comin’

Ooh yeah, right here, right now

Chorus repeats out...

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