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Now whos 2say i was right or wrong
2live my lyfe under cognizance all along
skewl was never my thing
rather be tha fewl who writes &dreams
understand tha law - fight tha scene
please lord 4give me 4my sins
my whims begin as uh lil kid - so grin
i kouldnt do - forced 2live with remorse kuz no boo was 2b true
as i look bak upon my misled lyfe - i c
so much pain in my game - tha hype c
had me strung & since i was young i couldn't kope
only spit my quotes in tremendous hope
i kould hop tha decembrist moat
i aint been happy since charice
look as a krook 2snatch me some peace
it wont happin - destin 2skrappin - only this rappin
will soothe my soul
forced 2deal as i loose my goals
who's lost kontroll is i - tears from this guy
supply tha sky with enough mist 2 humidify
but i always know - its bekuz of me and my flow
that thots of me & my mind
will live until tha end of tyme
Apologies 2tha outkast
if it was me who spawned your last breath
its only kuz inside i couldn't deal with tha task - death
is inevitable yet so skary - stress
is in me so deep i kant never sleep - legendary tests
im forced 2go thru - & beside my pride is no boo
so i flow true and shed tears 4me & misled peers
bro's gone 2blow & foes on my ho's r all parts of my lyfe
no soul knows my heart - my fyte
so i kant truly smile - not 4uh long while
wish 2vent my kries 2another
but they neither here nor there - my covers
drenched in sweat kuz i kant 4get charice
every flow go bak 2her tyme piece
she dissed me & more than 50tymes switched me
no soul gets me - so as past tymes
i komitt fast krimes until up on tha hill & kash mine
god u have 2b there - y we here shed these tears in such despair
do u kair if lyfes unfair - i wish 2share
my lyfe with another - please c how few be my brothers
as of now bon - dub & montello b real 2me
jebadiha be my ridah - but they aint feelin me
so much internal hate that inaugurates my fait
so i grind b4 my chalk line as i step up koky & talk mine
until tha end of tyme
In tymes of pain i will remain
at tymes tha devil hurts me
so i pray above to show upon chubz uh lil mercy
this kurse be mine & mine alone
walk until tha end of tyme with no love nor peace of mind of my own
hearts blown 2pieces kuz charice is
tha plot of illuminati - 2take my soul
vivid visions i grab my shotty - & loose control
these thots wont stop until my sanity drops
tha man in me's koked & ready 2strike bak
me & tha gbsp - kant no soul fight that
so its proven my klout remains
only outa respekt they my set 2rain pain - if slain
understand i bekame uh man with no souls hands
over kame pain & tha threat of kokain on my own
evaded tha chrome as i sedated tha zone that's shown
when my enemies talk bak as if they own me
my childhood was no good - all but homely
i ask u lord 2watch over those i kare 4
loyalty never spoiled me - yet im there 4
montello - bon bon & -dub
until skin turns yellow & im long gone tha man chubz
remains - stuk in tha game by tha bearer of tha lights chains
until tha end of tyme



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