They say since my birth i been tha worst kid
labeled tha fable of tha kursed kid
kame out tha whom & whut i first did was begin skreamin'
1st thot 2drop was uh chubby kid dreamin'
steady skeamin' on dreams of luxury
no, no hugs 4me -
at tha age of 5years parents & peers judgin' me
so now chubz may be lost 2tha tymes
but understand tha man in my mind
perhaps tha collapse of my sanity was tha dreams
pain upon my brain changed my game - so it seems
now dreams of regimes that scream my name be in my view
reality's that no souls uh pal 2me
still i live thru
be true 2yourself & in tha end receive tha klaim
please believe tha game told from me
understand tha meaning of misery
&realize how good bein uh kid kan be
glance at this lyfe & whut it did 2me - then u will c
all along - b4 your very eyes
was a prince but now he's gone -
how he strategized
was audacious
tha hate amongst his fate - how'd he escape this
my chest took on uh freight train at full speed & didn't kave
my stress 50tymes made pain yet godspeed chose me2 save
so i state these modern day prophecy's in desperate hopes
that all start 2komprhend uh friends heart


so young soul how kould it b that im still alive
strived 2survive out tha 8-0-5 yet i arrive 2die
stare 2tha moon kuz oh so soon you'll perceive
that from tha start my hearts uh heart 2believe
young lady i c ya standin' there
batter'd & bruised - no doubt thru out u skared
let it b known i kare when u upon despair
baby gurl this such uh krazy world yet kant 4get 2keep that head up
if u led up they'll c ya weakness so gurl stay strong
whut those ho's chose 2say bout u was way wrong
whut they don't c is ya misery & days as uh child
just beat by ya pops &4 weeks it didn't stop - so smile
u don't & i know y but please c
lyfe done teased me - lived negative & sleazy
but i made it thru & baby boo u kan 2
so take my hand & feel my plan
c this man & i truly kan raise u up
once was stuk but enoughs enough
might b tuff but since u worth tha stars let me brake tha bars
all out there in such despair just klutch tha air & take uh deep breath
hopes 4better days r left
& this earths uh beautiful place
every sunset envision gods grace
but 2win all must begin 2first komprehend uh friends heart


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