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Sorry, Kamehameha
After the tetris theme
Comes the Dragon Ball Rap

Who didnt watch this show
Aint got no childhood
Big Bang Attack
Comes right from planet Namek

Vegeta and Goku
Sayian rivalities
Allargat Bastó!
Cuz it sucks in spanish

Its better in Cathalan
I rather nubol kinton
the canvi de lloc instantani
It was realy cool

Its Goku,Goten, Krillin, Pan,
Trunks, Yamcha, Chaiotzu and Ten Shin Han
Gohan was cool in ssj2
Satan didnt beat Cell
neither did Videl

Nobody could beat Brolly
The legendary Super Sayian
Asking for the energy of all earth
was needed to suceed

The Genki Ball
Carbonized Majin Buu
And Mecha Freezer
Was beaten by Trunks` sword

The Ozaru were losing their judgement
They destroyed cities
They broked trough buildings

1! 2! 3! Fusion!!
The ocarine had Hildegan
Inside Tapion

The Dragon Balls
Spread all over the world
With radar and capsules
We must get going

Raditz died along with Goku
Vegeta Took on Nappa
Gohan had a hard time with
The Silver Warriors

The Energy was raising
I dont know how many ki
Vegeta was controlled
By Babidi

Piccolo and Krilin
Became Stone
Cuz of Dabra
And the great sayiaman reveals

He is fighting the terrorists
All over Town
Dragon Ball Rap
Per Mi Bola de Drac

They´ll always be welcome
To the Tme Room
Where a real-life day
Is one year of training

The Androids were formed
By Dr. Gero
On most of tournaments
Goku ended up in first place

In the sky rises
Always Yajirobai
It was funny seeing appearing
Tao Pai Pai on a trunk

Turles and the fruit of Strenght
Garlic Jr became big
In one instant, man

Magic seeds?
Mungetes Magices

Kaio Shin, Vegetto
The result of Pothara

With the help of Paikun
Fusion of Goku and Vegeta
Janemba couldnt compare himself
To the power of Gogeta

Gotenks ssj3
was really cool
If somebody lost his life
He was revived by Sheron

Oolong, Bulma, Poar, Dende
All on a paper
The maximum strength stayed
on fourth level

Special Forces??
Ginyu changes body
Dodoria, Zarbon, Reecom
They ended up dead

Cooler, Baby
Dragons of the Stars
Bardock gave his best
to defend his planet

Dragon Ball
Dragon Ball Z
Its art, man!
Dragon Ball GT
Whoever it is they break him!!

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