Letra de la canción

Sweet Atlanta dances under the lights
Me and the boys are back in town
Tasting the nightlife

Now the time is as right as it ever was
Got a good buzz all is right you see
I got a good time in my sights

And she dances on the center stage
Like a fantasy jumps straight off the page
She got electric moves and got them down to a tee
She got a Vegas smile, she gets a rise out of me

Those all American girls got it goin' on
They got it all in place oh yea
And they let it be known
And she ain't wrong

From Detroit City down to Bourbon Street
Dip me hand in the cookie jar oh yea
And I'm hangin' with the world's elite
Look at that boys


It's so good it will make you fall to your knees and beg for forgiveness
It'll make you crawl across the desert on your hands and knees for a long hot mile
It's time to break it down like a shotgun when you see that Vegas smile


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