Kira english lyrics

Death Note

Letra de la canción

I am a lonely man a liar
All I do is dream
You act like you do not know
But although I embrace you know

I feel as if
Like vampires
I would have sucked all your tenderness

When you cover us endless sorrow
Let us embrace again
And hopefully
another morning

Some day we will be able to forget
the scar that can not be cured
with the smile we used to have?

At midnight he was disturbed
By a nightmare and I woke up
It was a dark dream of a summer night
Outside there was a deep darkness

Within the mirror had
Hate, death
Love, desire and affection

When I closed my eyes slowly
I saw you watching me
I felt
You desvanecerías

Although I can not reach
The site that promised
I will never leave your hand

You laughed politely
As if it were a matter of a very distant world

I am a lonely man a liar
All I do is dream

Letra añadida por: La Chik Ann

Death Note

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