No hay truco - Mi Frikimundo

Mi Frikimundo
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Mi Frikimundo Letra

Enciendo the PlayStation 2,
Viciándonos the PRO.
I was bored of winning both
I change to the Nintendo.

When Super Mario Bros.
Or perhaps the Link to the Past,
The Porta is a prostitute friki,
I do not see that the Dreamcast.

After Tekken Tag Tournament
I write a rap,
In Majora's Mask
Got the Fiera of the Deity.

Zelda, what juegazo,
Flipo with Metal Gear Solid,
Who did not play the Metal Slug,
I remain a friki Sony.

Poor Robotnik,
Remember the Lemmings, Ghost & Globins
Not to mention the Ocuol Oddiseing
And pigs Tombi.

In the Dragon Ball, always use
A Son Gohan in second tier
And when talking about Street Fighter
Always a Ryu against Ken -hadouken.

Do I seem to Dante
The Devil May Cry?
Dragon Ball changed my life
With Budokai.

Encajo pieces of Tetris,
I have all the Mega Man,
In the recreational flipaba
With sounds of Pacman.

More than I was doing missions
To kill and run over pedestrians.
The Tony Hawk 2 is the most.

Games struggle molan more
The suit Super Smash Bros.,
I am more than PlayStation
Which of Nintendo.

From Square and Disney left a game
Called Kingdom Hearts.
I love caretos
The ill ugly Dragon Quest.

RPGs, catana longest
Is the Sephiroth,
The game platforms more mola
The Crash Bandicoot.

To play four players
Always Worms or Bomberman,
I never made traps
To win more balls in the pinball.

MediEvil, Tomb Raider,
The level of spectral Soul Reaver,
Marvel, superheroes
Always prepared for the next level.

The car just boring:
Gran Turismo, more than anything else is that
One, two and three more of the same.

What I say of Soul Calibur,
The typical Mortal Kombat,
The Batman & Robin, Sega Megadrive,
It was the cock!

The PSP can not
With the Game Boy tocho, I repeat.
Do you remember the Tetris
And typical of marcianitos?

Flipo with the NES,
And flipo with earthworm Jim
The ColecoVision,
What is the obsession Play Slim.

Sega Saturn, PSone and Nintendo 64.
The Game Gear against Game Boy
Lasted little while.

The GameCube was the best
Play the ordinary.
The Xbox went
But giant size.

For a pique with colleagues
Always a Pro Evolution Soccer.
From Final Fantasy
I have from 1 to 12.

With all its 100%
Video games are my favorites.
The yonki need drugs
And I need consoles.

The best characters
Are Solid Snake, Squall,
Yitan, Dante, Link, Raziel,
Sora, Tidus, Goku, Rikku and Cloud.

Bah, I am not anything mola
What of the games online.
Nor command of the Wii
Neither the console Bill Gates.

Play the Ocarina of Time,
Viciémonos to Alundra.
Bah, I do not deny it
I know that secretly played the Rugrats.

Onimusha absorbed souls,
Before that I was Fifa.
I hate to see when Aeris dies,
Oops which has Tifa tits!

Combos complex
As in the Super Dragon Ball Z.
I grow up doing rap
Like Mario eating mushrooms.

The Donkey Kong
Tired of throwing barrels.
Cojo Yoshi in the Mario Party
Because it is old and green as Muten-Rôshi.

Buah, what flaws with Hugo,
What gave up in Telecinco.
The sword key Sora
I chose to be different for me.

My game
Even The Simpsons.
I came to the glass
With 250 pokemon you so ready!.

Resident Evil, Robocop,
Ninja Turtles, Parasite Eve.
Remember to save the game
Always before dying.

Chrono Trigger, Square
With Toriyama are ostia.
Cojo a chocobo gold with Cloud
And I chocándome aposta.

I therefore defect so many games
I am up to the many.
Why lying if I
The Speed Freaks me up.

The Micro Machines is
The few that I have Platinum.
With the Eyetoy always
Just down the neighbors.

Shenmue, Time Crisis
Ape Escape and Viewtiful Joe.
Go times those
The Reading GO

Timeout and credits
To see a prostitute Game over.
What is more fucks lose
Against bad end for a f***

Game Over