Letra de la canción

Oh, where were my dreams?
Prison gates in a cold place
Where was my smile?
Arrested in concrete tomb
Everything that I do I have now is solitude
Seated in the darker corner of the room bleeding and screaming inside
My broken pieces scattered on the floor
And anyone to join
Oh, I never thought that feel so much pain
Bleeding and screaming inside
And why no one listens?
I close my eyes now
And when I open everything as it was before
I want you sitting on my bed
Saying good night sleep well
And when I cry you abraçará me and put me in your lap?
Oh, here it is as safe
And when I feel cold you cover me with the most cozy blanket
And if I bleed, I will always say that here, by my side
Please, I need to get necessary living, breathing pra
And when I implore pra be free
Be sure
Force me to be here with you
And after his good night
When I close my eyes
Please do not short again
Please ...

Letra añadida por: La Wone

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