We Gets Up


Letra de la canción

Oh yeah, what'd you think was gonna happen?
Come on!

We gets up, everybody get down
Make a sound, make a sound
We gets up when we come to your town
I said the lost is found

We gets up, ain't no need to trip
We're the one deserving of the championship
We gets up, so you feel the gift
All the competition, they got to quit

Yeah! How you think we coming?
Smash em' like you want to sting

We just bad, we so bad, we good
Coming to wreck shop in your neighborhood
NPG, and we're makin' it understood
Ain't no one can stop us, how you think you could?


Yeah, NPG, New Power Soul, K-k-k-kick it!

Oh yeah!
Gimme the break, gimme the break, huh

If y'all take a left, we gonna go right
But we'll keep this mutha rockin' till the broad daylight

People, wave your hands
Ain't nobody better in all of the land
See them go (boom)! Yeah, we crushin' the man
That don't believe we get up, yes we can!
We gets up, up, up, up!

Oh yeah! [Repeat: x2]


We gets up [Repeat: x5]
(Oh yeah)

We gets up!
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