We Go Together



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We go together, like rama, lama, lama, kadingy, kading-a-dong
remember forever, as shoowop, shoowally, wally, yippity, boom-de-boom
chang-chang, changadee-chang-chibop, that's the way it should be, wahoo,yeah
We're one of a kind, like yip, ayip, ayip, shoowa, sha wooly-woo
our names are signed abooglde, booglede,booglede,booglede,shooby,shoowop,shabop
chang-chang, changadee-chang-chibop, we'll always be like one,wa-wa-wa-one
When we go out at night, and stars are shining bright, up in the skiesabove
or at the highschool dance, where you can find romance
baby, it might be love
Rama lama lama kadingy,kading-a-dong
shoowop, shoowally,wally yippity boom-de-boom
chang-chang, changadee-chang-chibop
yip, ayip,ayip, ayip, shoowa, sha wooly-woo
booglede, boogldee, booglede,booglede, shooby shoowop, shabop
Awomp bamma looma awomp bam boom!
We're for each other, like awomp bama looma awomp bam boom
just like my brother, nanananana yippity, dippty doo
chang-chang, changadee-chang-chibop, we'll always be together, wahoo,yeah
We'll always be together (repeats out)

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