Canción 'No Way To Escape' del disco 'Always and Never' interpretada por Goodnight Nurse

No Way To Escape Letra y Canción

Goodnight Nurse

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NO WAY TO ESCAPE es una canción de Goodnight Nurse del año 2006, este tema está incluido dentro del disco Always and Never.


'No Way To Escape'

I need to break out
I need to get away
Before I breakdown
Before I suffocate
We're on lock down
Freedom controlled
And this is not my home
This is not my home

[Pre Chorus:]
Lights out
No place to go
Lights out

There's no way to escape, escape, escape
I'm trapped and bound
Surrounded everyday all day, all day
I need out now
There's nothing I can do

I'm hearing voices
They tell me not to think
Limit my choices
My sentence penned in ink
And when i wake up
I'm not at home
My future so unknown
Future so unknown

[Pre Chorus]