Canción 'Take My Hand' del disco 'Always and Never' interpretada por Goodnight Nurse

Take My Hand Letra y Canción

Goodnight Nurse

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TAKE MY HAND es una canción de Goodnight Nurse, este tema está incluido dentro del disco Always and Never.


'Take My Hand'

There's a long way to go
And I'm aching to know
If what we're doing is right
And the feeling plays on my mind
I'm torn between extremes
Of sacrifice and dreams
I met them in between

I've sold my soul for what I love
And felt the cold from up above
I've learned some things I didn't know
And watched some lives go up in smoke

With eyes set on me
I tread carefully
When pressure's wearing me through
Can I count on leaning on you
The choices that we've made
Give life to better days
Or lead us to our grave


Take my hand
And show me what it's like
Show me what it's like
Its all I wanna know
So take my hand
And show me what its like
Show me what its like


Take my hand
Take my hand
As lives go up in smoke