Goodnight Nurse

Letra de la canción

What the hell is going on?
Somethings wrong with this picture
And I'm thinking it might be you
When we started off it was all ok
But slowly I started to notice
What you say isn't always true

Why did I go and waste my time
With a girl who was not all mine
Guess i hoped that we'd come through
Coz I like the idea of you

I'm going away
Didn't you see this coming
Now, you want me to stay
But I know you've been running round
What else can I say?
Shouldn't have stayed in the first place
Now I'm going away
We never had much fun anyway

What's a nice guy supposed to do?
Don't bother trying to deny it
I think you've lied quite enough already
So this chump is up and moving on
I've wised up and now your times up
Cos the last thing I need is you
So watcha gonna do

There is one thing I'd like to know
Whats it like being such a ho!
What are they gonna think of you
When theres no one you haven't screwed


I guess this is goodbye
Don't say I didn't try

fuente: musica.com

Letra añadida por: vane/182 (#154)

Goodnight Nurse
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