Hyper Eurobeat

Dance Dance Revolution

Letra de la canción

Walk around
for is tonight
they're letting our
love shine through

People just wait
you've got to stay,
feel the love from
the words that I say

Don't you, just know
I will love you
When there's nothing
in the mill of tears

But if you've had to go
no way to stop my tears

Over and over and over you
I'd never get over you
over you, (over you) over you, (over you)
never over you

For the simple shine
if you'd stay mine
there could never
be cloudy days

Shining and shining
shinigh through,
all the love that
I put for you

I wish you would stay mine,
until the end

(Paula Terry): (Rapper):
So deep, my love is going Yo, whats in the roots
deeper, deeper in you with the suit
my love is going Like, not stop shining
deeper... when I raise the roof

When I blink without you
its true, baby you think I'm
a fool
And if you'd stop buggin me,

I bust my rhymes, but I'm
upset anyway, can't play
Believe me too, and that's
what love can do with to us
(Paula Terry):
For the simple times
a new day will come,
our love will
keep on flowing

Flowing and flowing
flowing through
the love I'll always
feel for you

I wish you would
stay mine, until
the end of time
till the end of time

Only for you
Until the end.
fuente: musica.com

Letra añadida por: kkimytto

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