Letra de la canción

Thanks for listening, for giving your time and attention
Thanks to everyone who has made this project a reality,
My dream my dream.

Thanks to everyone who supported me to from the first day
Thanks to all my people, to whom I want to thank you for quererme
Thanks to my people, the people of the neighborhood, you are the best.

Thanks to my family, especially my mother and my father
For being there every time from the moment when I was born
Also my sister, for being there in good and bad times
Always demonstrating his love love and attention,
Thank you.

Thanks to my friends and my enemies
Thanks to those who support me and those who criticize me,
That when an artist dies stop talking about him.

Thanks to all the rock that has worked on this project
And has done most significant of which is already for me.

A piece of my life, my most heartfelt thanks
To everyone to pull their weight contributed
To call what I call "My Story"

And I do not want to go this way and that loomed ..
change is shite

It Porta, he is not a matter of age, I would like rock ..

Goodbye rock, this is my farewell
He went from being serious now
I hope that this will soon return with improvements
Perfections more sophisticated than those who are here.

Life took a turn began to be complete when MC Really?
Rather than fashion, but that it felt
Inside there were letters, which in my arteries recorrian
As a river with water ago where magic lies.

Is that MC forgive, not forget, it costs make peace
Or qualify with rap have written about a thousand items
Not many subjects that you really break schemes
Burn with fire by playing with something that you should not
You must come and see me forget homework.

I want the issue and just wanted to say goodbye
Saying that this shit
I feel I have to go but
I am late I want to give you the impression
Since only 17 and already does a rap mother of a whore.

Thank you for making a simple dream a reality
Thank all of truth
Thank my why is rap.

Will I get sentimental? YES
But now I just step over rayaros
Besides that I am already tired.

I tell you goodbye dismissal
But I know I will come back soon
Goodbye modesty!

I am a beast and why it just breaks
Dismantled the influendad
I remount the behind.

You Ready if you think this will be my final ...
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