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I am in the mouth of many fools and many others
Sweat through the pores, sweats me what they talk forums.
I am light years away from your crew of idiots that I envy,
I have anger because their girls I fuck's.

I know it is hard to accept the future and is already,
Nobody know me but you talk a lot and spend salt.
Here there are those who do not write, quiet,
Live between words of truth,
It is believed that the whole is more foolish than talk.

Comments while smoke petas-zetas,
I want because they can not hit with my lyrics ... Pringaos.
I am my fan, and I rap because sorry, it's true:
Is that I am an expert on what I have been smuggled out inside.

And I was amused to see the big picture,
Those who have just started going to know everything
When they know nothing.

I have something that few have (huh?)
Fardar is to boast only of what can be.
And of course, I envy all god,
Try to imitate my voice, my flow and copy my breath.

Let's see, which I have not been uploaded, I repeat
I have many clones but all failed departed.
I say what I think and that is why I am special.
I have no fear but I want some apalizar,
My letters speak of a reality,
Shame has to give, amenazarme
For not being able to my rap.

I assume my heavy responsibility,
Influenced in your thinking,
Doing rap
You do not igualas my handycap,

And it is normal that rhyme is my greatest passion,
Because your envy is the highest manifestation of

Flavour of many (many!)
Any lie face.
Flavour of many (many!)
Believe everything that you have.
Flavour of many (many!)
No comments fools.
Flavour of many (many!)
Only fools who commented.

And you can not understand how it is that I am still,
If so many I love and many more will get me.
Porta was one short hair (what will!)
Do not know why, but I know that
I have some anger and jealousy.

I am a product of the Internet,
Rap is going through word of mouth,
My name is Christian,
But you better just call me Porta.

Do not judge if you do not want to be judged,
Can you say that I am not an MC for not wearing hair shaving?
But I have been more than 6 years rapping at the moment at least,
I have learned to accelerate, but it will lay the brake.

I started recording with a micro shit like everyone else,
Except that 12 years I did not want to get my promo.
Do you think I came out of nowhere? (Naaah. ..)
I wrote rap in the courtyard, while other children were playing.

I do not know, you are wrong at all with me,
I do not step on the fans, rather consider them friends.
Ignorance is the greatest of your defects, (I think)
If this is not for you rap, I do not know what will be your concept.

I do not choose whom I heard, so I
Anyone who wants to listen to me.
That you are a closed-minded alejandria me hair.

Chapo mouths rule and I chromosome rap,
I recorded Soma, but that only affects the quality.

The fame is not like you think, if you fixed here are 2
One of those who love you and one of the memos.

Flavour of many (many!)
Any lie face.
Flavour of many (many!)
Believe everything that you have.
Flavour of many (many!)
No comments fools.
Flavour of many (many!)
Only fools who commented.

I have learned a lot in these years, more than you think
Respect does not exist in the culture, so I Forget,
Suicídate, why? You are not going to be me.
Trying to be the best does not mean go up.

Neither I nor do I rap lyrics to link,
Because I have girlfriend, I am overwhelmed by fame, and it is not by fardar.
Contradictions not ironies.
I like sarcasm, engineer, as many rabiarían.

I know you chuparías the contracts that I rejected,
Talked to dad, and now is your peak cladding.
They say that it's a monster and
That why asusto.
While I like my rap
I will continue to do so with gusto.

I rap because so sorry, not for love,
Listen, do not blame me, write me and point.
Van de know what they do not know.
I hear girls pijos, emos, bakalas, heavys, metal
And rapers.
Gothic, skaters, and unidentified people.
I am here because my model was the most prominent.

I will be frank, I hate the machine and Reggaeton
This is rap passion, or hobbie, jodí to my maquetón CCs.

Are you high squared?
And I raised the bucket.
You Take me to your city,
Watch what the level climbs.

Forgive me for speaking so much about myself,
But I molo.
It makes me always be rare
On everyone's lips.

Mcs needed appointing pa 'create controversy
Seek fame and who can not earn your model.
Although I already step of your gilipolleces clown,
What mine is successful, and to call it yours failure.

Thanks to those who support me and those who do not,
Today because I know that without you would not be where I am.
The excuse that usáis against me etiquetarme is what I am not.
A word of advice: Learn best B-boy.

Flavour of many (many!)
Any lie face.
Flavour of many (many!)
Believe everything that you have.
Flavour of many (many!)
No comments fools.
Flavour of many (many!)
Only fools who commented.


En boca de tantos (english lyrics)





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