Battle de Nugs

Battle Letra




Yo this battle is now ova/ he the same cat that goes the to the gay clubs and bends ova/ you outta stop trying to tease me, cuz believe me, you guys couldn't even take us if we were spitten easy/ eveyone wonders if our rhymes are written, i mean how we suppose to act, we ain't battle is 12 months but they still want g-2's back/ yo you know we da nugs, a.k.a g2/ you know we da best cuz they got me and these two/ husle, massa mish, you know if u ask us for a battle we can risist/ and you know we exist, show em mish
Yo, they call massa mish, i shake dem fellas from east to west and we put dem hates to the test, and i know i'll always be rockin with the best, and don't you worry if i'm tall cuz you know i got chest/ when i'm listening that alpabet arcrobatices, you know i think about who im sitting by in mathamatics/ yo his name b sean, hes a little gay, you know he be dance in all that ballet, i bet he wears dem g string thongs, i bet he even hits ass all not long/ but anyways thats another day, its time for mish to come out and play, you betta stay for the show,cuz you know we do everytype ofrhymin but slow.

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