Alone de Nugs

Alone Letra




I said bein alone, is all that fun, but you gotta keep up and change yo tone/ because life is goin faster than what you thought, so keep ya head up and and teach'em what you were taught/ you thought it couldn't get much easyer than this but you gotta belive it was just a bliss, so when you think i'm a bad rapper than you thought amiss, try to think a little and try to reminisce/ go back to 1996 when tupac was rappin like he ain't one of dem hicks, they compare me and him like we were the best that mix, we rap all the same and have the same o'l tricks, the only way we different is we ain't the same colors thats the only way they find us different, cuz in everyother way we are really just brothers/ man keep ya head up/ cuz im fed up about you not believing, that i am the new kid on the block thats gonna be achieving, cuz you know i'm not gonna be leaving so just stop tryin to be teasin/ i'm here to announce that we the best in this game, i'm not saying i wanna be in the fame, cuz i think its a shame how all these rappers go to waste cuz they sit in there rich pint house and ain't even replaced/ but now is the time for us to come in and show you all a listin or two, we here to tell you that this is all true, cuz we the crew that will either make you or break you, so listen up, cuz this is what we about. . i'm out

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