Letra de la canción

Nocturnal visions reveals
Nightfall embraces my hateful cries
In the chambers of a darken heart
A black flames burns forever... I am forsaken

Storms from hell embrace the skies
All I find – absence of horror
Longing for the keeper of the darkest flame
To fulfil my dark desire... I am yours

Darkness – under a blood red sky
Darkness – spread in the shape of evil
Darkness – Forever shall remain
Darkness – Everlasting darkness

From the shadows she emerge
Demonic beauty, I summon all my fears
Stormbringer show me your might
Bring me your eternal darkness
Leave my world
Angels come see me die
Angels come see me fly

Never reach my neon dream and all I feel is self esteem
Come inside me crimson king just live my life in chaos dreams
fuente: musica.com

Letra añadida por: GALDER (#29.089)

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