Letra de la canción

Awoken from my sleep
To feed my demons thirst
As you raped my soul I will spit your blood
On your made up fuc*** god

Step inside my maze of death
To face the evil in my desire
As you try to run I will haunt you down
To feast on your rotting soul

Break the illusion just show me a sign
This is all I am one of a kind
Like a psychopath addicted to flesh
Now I’m taking your life

Fearless I am as a new deed is born
I am the one, so scornful I am
I got to see it in your eyes
What happens when you die

Life is leaving your body
Eyes once bright will fade away
Embraced by the father of lies
I look into a fearful mind

Your life, so gone away
So fade away, please die

Letra añadida por: GALDER (#29.320)

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