Letra de la canción

Million lies now I understand
I am not the son of yours
All my life you have guided me
In a world of faith fuc*** believers

Paralysed I have always been
Never seen the sermons’ fake
Now I know, a new way I’ve seen
I am just a chaos breed

I, so blind I’ve walked your path
Endless despising all your lies
So wonderful a life would be if I’m dead
Pain, with pain I’m forced believing
Refused my rights to exist
Impose me nothing I do not belong

Reflection of the darkest heart
Visualise my tree of pain
Blinded by your promises
Of a life untroubled and eternal

Isolated surrounding thoughts
In this chamber of religion
No mans cry can repay my loss
All I dream is how you disappear

Now I realize the pain in life is real
The color can’t remain, just set me free

Retail my birth in this fuc*** up world
Soon to bleed I’ll make you suffocate
I won’t rest until you all burn
Burn right next to your icon believes

It is time to go down with me
Nevermore shall I be deceived
Society of the holy one
Forever killed in infernal ways

Letra añadida por: GALDER (#29.089)

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