The Mitch Hansen Band

Letra de la canción

Jacob Black
She's not coming back
La Push has come to shove
And she's through with you
Can't you see
You're just a dog to me
If you come near her again
I'll eat you too

First you missed her
Then you kissed her
I'm just watching
You think you're fine
I'm waiting
Don't you screw up
Or you're mine

You're nothing but a dog
Its time for you to face the truth
You're nothing but a dog
And she's still way too good for you
Watch your back cause who knows what I'll do
Jacob Black I've got my eye on you

The other day
I thought I heard you say
May the best man win
But I see through your ploy
You might think
That you are on the brink
Of winning her love
But you are just a boy

You were there to save her life
When I was far away
Differences aside and
I'll say thank you anyway
The bigger man will shake your hand
And pretty soon you'll see
In your mind you're kissing her
In life she's kissing me
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