By You

The Mitch Hansen Band

Letra de la canción

This hole in my chest has been getting
The best of my life
That day in the woods
Hurt me more than any kind of pain
In this life ever should
What's the cause?
I guess I'll walk around in this
Empty shell of all that I was
Hold myself
Who else will?
Please be still
Get up off the floor and try
Never let them see you cry
You're swimming now but
Swans were maent to fly

And the chill of your touch
Never thought I'd miss the cold so much
Wrapped in stone
I felt at home
If only you knew that this hole
Was created by you.

I can't sleep
Dream of you
There you are
Its not true

I walk to the edge
I look at the see
I never imagined how easy it'd be
You give me no choice
To hear your voice
I feel so free
It's difficult way
To live out each day
I wonder where you are
But now here I come
Don't step in the sun
You're almost in my arms

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