Letra de la canción

Rain's falling down
on this cold ground,
clouds are embracing me,
darker than winter ...
I'm forgettin' the light ...
Wet stones,
suppressed by the fog,
and I ...
I'm waitin' something yet.
Subjugated by the fear,
crippled by the rage,
I'm fling on my soul
inflictin' in her
tortures and penitences.

Obscura iacet lapis
ficta dolore,
confirmata calore
rosae illic depositae.
Verba ficta sanguine
lacerati pectoris,
mentis deponentis
ex memoria praeterita.

Forced to remedy,
keeped here wandering,
I find my light,
burnt-out by his he ...
I'm alive but I'm dead ...
veins are firin',
my blood doesn't wash them,
and I ...
I'm goin' to find you.
Ashes are cryin',
time will give rest
to fire,
livin' in my eyes.

I'll find, I'll flush
every least emotion.
Is the most hidden remorse,
callin' my attention.
Without no rest I'll follow
tracks of this damnation.

Letra añadida por: melody maledire

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